From small to large projects, helyOS® provides tools to connect and control your mobile machine fleet over a network.

Built by experienced engineers, it takes care of much of the hassle when integrating automated machines and cloud applications, so you can focus on writing your app, design your autonomous vehicle or create routers and path planners.

helyOS® is flexible and open source.

For robotic engineers, software developers and researchers.


Out-of-the-box backend and simulators to kickstart your project.



Vendor-agnostic regarding map and mission data formats.



Extensible plugin architecture thanks to microservices.



Tailored for security-critical heavy machinery applications.



Easy to connect robots or vehicles using the framework’s libraries and ROS wrappers.




Prevention of disruptions by enforcing a smooth message exchange flow.



JavaScript app creation with our software development kit.



Usable anywhere with 100% dockerization (on-site or cloud).