Workshop on connecting autonomous agricultural machinery

January 31, 2024 | Workshop with partners of the RUBIN alliance Feldschwarm® ÖkoSystem

© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI

Together with partners from the Feldschwarm® ÖkoSystem project, we explored helyOS® as a platform for connecting autonomous agricultural machinery to distributed cloud systems in a workshop at Fraunhofer IVI. The MicroService architecture and Message Broker enable scalability to swarms.

We are collaborating with LACOS GmbH and Hydrive Engineering GmbH on the future of agriculture.

High-tech for lawns

June 18 to 20, 2023 | Fully automated RC mower fleet at the demopark trade show

© Fraunhofer IVI
Two AS 940 Sherpa 4WD mowers on the Fraunhofer IVI test track

At this year’s demopark trade show held from June 18 to 20 in Hörselberg close to Eisenach, AS-Motor, Fraunhofer IVI and Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH will present three professional RC riding mowers that are capable to work together on lawns in a fully automated way – even on rough terrain. The partners will show how one »driver« can control and monitor three riding mowers of the type AS 940 Sherpa 4WD RC, thus covering triple the usual area and working more precisely and in a less tiresome way. Depending on the concrete application case, drivers can operate the mower fleet directly on site or remotely, for example, from their office.

One key technology included is the helyOS® (highly efficient online yard Operating System) control tower software that was created at Fraunhofer IVI with the goal of efficiently developing, testing and operating autonomous, mobile machines. In small projects just as in large ones, helyOS® acts as a central node for connecting, controlling and monitoring of vehicles fleets via a local network or the Cloud. It is already possible to connect and automatically control trucks and agricultural machines with the help of the helyOS® control tower software. Now, the digital control tower is able to deliver missions for professional mowers, too.

Automotive Week Helmond: Intermediate demonstration event in European MAGPIE project

April 18, 2023 | helyOS® controls an automated truck

© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI

How can logistics in ports be made more sustainable with the help of clean energy? Intelligent solutions in the field of digitalization and automation are the key – solutions such as the helyOS® control tower software framework that serves to quickly implement projects in yard automation. At MAGPIE project’s intermediate demonstration event (MAGPIE – sMArt Green Ports as Integrated Efficient multimodal hubs), the system developed at Fraunhofer IVI once again proved its effectiveness. The event held within the scope of the 2023 Automotive Week in Helmond, the Netherlands, on April 16. to 19, helyOS® was equipped with map, route and path planning microservices to allow the control of an automated DAF truck. The impressive demonstration was achieved in collaboration with the MAGPIE partners – an important step on the European road towards CO2-free freight transport in, to and from ports until the year 2050.